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What is Patient Access?

EMIS Patient Access is the main Online Service for Hedge End Medical Centre, although other Online Service providers are available to choose from. Patient Access allows you to book, view, and cancel selected appointment, and order and view your repeat medication. In addition, you can request to view coded details of your medical record which can include immunisations, laboratory test results, consultations, and Key Medical Problems.

To set up an account for Patient Access: 

You will need to come into the practice with Photo ID, such as a Passport or Driving License, and fill in a registration form so that the practice can approve your application. Please present your ID to reception and ask for the form.

If you wish to access your medical record via Patient Access, you must also provide proof of address, such as a recent bank statement. A separate form is used for record access so please make it clear that it is this form you want.

Each individual over 13 will need to bring their own ID in. The practice cannot accept ID on behalf of someone else. This is to make sure that the account that the practice are accepting for online access is the person who has presented with the ID.

As per NHS England’s guidance on Online Access, this is a mandatory requirement regardless of whether you were registered for any other Online Services with Hedge End Medical Centre or if you have recently registered as a patient.

Once you have completed the above steps, please follow this guide to learn how to set up your account.

It is possible to set up a Patient Access account online without bringing in your ID, but you will be restricted to booking just one appointment and cannot manage your medication or medical record. It is not necessary to do this before coming in to register.

Due to the nature of having an online account for your Medical Record, please be extra careful with regards to staying signed on, etc. If in doubt, treat your Online Services account the same way you would an online bank account.

For more information on the Online Services scheme, please read the FAQ from NHS England.

If you are having problems with the Patient Access system then please read the FAQ Section below before contacting the practice.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I need some technical support. Who can I contact?

A: Firstly, please read through this FAQ thoroughly, and also the Patient Access support page if you are using that service. If you still aren't able to find a solution to your problem, you can contact the IT team at the practice. The best way to contact us is to send us an email (please see the email address on the contacts page) with your contact details and a brief description of the problem, and we'll reply or call back as soon as we can. You can also call on 01489 785 722 and ask to speak to us, though we may not be available at the time.

Q: Which Service provider should I choose?

A: There are a handful of Online Service providers to choose from. You are free to use whichever service provider you like, but Patient Access and Evergreen Life are the two we are most familiar with should you need any technical support.

Provider Choices

From here on, this guide refers primarily to Patient Access.

Q: How do I register an account without bringing in ID?

A:  Click here for instructions on how to set up a Patient Access account without a registration letter.

Q: I have brought in ID and filled out the registration form. How do I register for Online Services?

A: Click here for our registration guide.

Q: How do I register for Patient Access if I am housebound?

A: If you are registered as housebound with the practice and cannot come in to provide ID, please contact us on 01489 785 722 for further advice.

Q: Can I use the same email address for multiple accounts?

A: No. Every account requires a unique email address. Unfortunately, this also applies to registering accounts for your children and people you care for. Please see below for more information.

Q: How do I set up Patient Access for my children or the person I care for?

A: Unfortunately the only way to do this currently is to register a separate account for them with a unique email address.

EMIS (the provider of Patient Access) are developing "proxy access" which will make it easier for parents and carers to manage their dependent party's account, but this has not yet been released.

Q: I'm trying to register but it doesn't recognize my address.

A: This is usually an issue with the "House name, flat or street number" field.

If your address was, for example, "15 Madeup Avenue", you only need to input "15". If your house has a name as well as a number, try the name first, and the number if that does not work.

Contact us if it still doesn't recognize the address. It is trying to match the address we have on your record.

Q: Can children under 16 register for the online service?

A: Yes, but children over the age of 13 will need to give consent for parents / carers to manage the account on their behalf. Accounts for children under 13 will typically be managed by the parent or carer.

Q: How do I login to Patient Access?

A: Once you are registered, go to the home page and enter your User ID (or email address) and password. The password is the one you created when you registered.

Q: I have forgotten my User ID/ Password.

A: Click here if you have forgotten your User ID. Click here if you have forgotten your password. The practice cannot reset your password for you, but if for whatever reason the password reset tool isn't working for you, we can close your account so that you can re-register. Please note that you may be required to present ID again.

Q: Can I change my User ID?

A: No. Your user ID cannot be changed, but you can usually sign in with your email address if the ID number is difficult to remember. If you can sign in with the ID but it doesn't recognize your email address, you may need to verify your email address in the account settings page.

Q: How do I update my E-Mail Address / Password?

A: You can change your email address and password from your account settings page. Click here for more info.

Please note that changes made under the "My account" section will only update the information you use to manage your online account, but making changes to the "Contact details" section will send a request to the practice to update the contact details we have on your record.

Q: How do I book an Appointment?

A:  Click here for info.

If you do not get a message with a green tick stating “Appointment booked!” then the appointment has not been booked. If in doubt, go back to the appointments page as this will have a list of appointments you have booked. If it’s not on there, it’s not booked.

Q: How do I cancel an Appointment?

A: If you are cancelling an appointment with less than 1 working day’s notice, please cancel this by ringing the reception team on 01489 785 722.

For all other appointment cancellations, click here.

If you wish to rearrange the appointment, we recommend you book the new one before cancelling the old one, just in case the appointment you want gets taken before you can book it.

Q: What types of appointments can be booked online? Why can't all types of appointment be booked online?

A: You can book routine GP appointments and blood tests online. If the clinician you want an appointment with is not visible, it is because they have no available appointments at that time. Likewise, if the appointment type you want is missing from the list, it’s because none are available.

We usually only release appointments 4 weeks ahead. If you want to book an appointment later than that, you will have to check again on the following Monday after 2PM.

Specialist appointments such as asthma and diabetes reviews are not currently bookable online as we are unable to limit these to patients that need them.

Q: How do I order a Repeat Prescription?

AClick here for information.

Q: Why isn’t all my medication available to order online?

A: There are a few reasons why your medication may not be able to be ordered via Online Services:

  • Each medication is prescribed to you with a number of issues. Once these issues are up you may need a review. If your medication falls into this category you may not be able to order it online via Patient Access.
  • Certain medication will be prescribed to you as an acute medication. There are many reasons why your GP may have done this. The ordering system will only allow you to order your repeat medication. Therefore, if you have any acute medication that you would like on repeat please speak to your GP.
  • In addition, medication that has been processed as a Batch Prescription cannot be ordered via Patient Access. These can be requested directly from your chosen Chemist / Pharmacy.
  • Some medications may not be legally allowed to be requested online via Patient Access. Therefore, you would need to contact the surgery directly to order them.

Q: How do I view my Medical Record online?

A: If you have requested access to your medical record online, click here to learn how to view it.

If you have not requested full access to your coded medical record and you would like to, please see here.

Q: How do I share my online Medical Record? How do I STOP sharing it?

A:  EMIS Patient Access provides an easy, secure way to give access to your online medical record.

Hedge End Medical Centre advises you to do this with caution as the shared sections may contain sensitive information from your medical record. It is therefore your responsibility, and Hedge End Medical Centre accepts no responsibility for sharing your record.

You can generate a unique link that is valid for 24 hours only, and secured with a passcode. You can then share this information via email.

To stop sharing your record, press the ‘Stop sharing all’ button. You will then be asked to confirm your request. If someone goes to the previously active address after you do that, they will be presented with a message saying ‘The shared medical record you're trying to access does not exist or is no longer available’.

In addition, you can see how many times your record was viewed. If you click on the ‘Viewed x times’ text it will display the date and time of when it was viewed along with the viewers IP address.

Q: How do I export my online Medical Record?

A: EMIS Patient Access allows you the ability to export your medical record. Click here to find out how.

Hedge End Medical Centre advises you to do this with caution as exported files may contain sensitive information from your medical record. It is therefore, your responsibility to ensure that any files you download are stored securely and protected from unauthorized access. Hedge End Medical Centre accepts no responsibility for exporting your record.

Q: What if I notice a mistake on my record when I am viewing my record online?

A: If you are unsure about something on your medical record or you are querying as to why something is on there, please discuss this with your GP the next time you see them. Alternatively, you can put your request in writing and the practice will deal with it accordingly.

Q: How do I gain access to my detailed coded medical record?

A: To access to the coded details of your medical record, which in addition to medications and allergies can also include immunisations, laboratory results (once they have been reviewed by a GP), consultations and key medical problems, you will need to fill in a Patient Services Registration form for Detailed Coded Records per patient. This form is also available at Reception.

Please note this service is only available for patients already registered with Patient Access and have been registered at the practice for at least 6 months. Any new patients will need to wait for the 6 months to pass to allow time for your medical record to be summarised onto our clinical computer system.

Once you have completed the DCR Registration form for your application YOU will need to come into the practice with TWO types of ID - photo ID and proof of address.

Please note the practice cannot accept utility bills and we cannot use one piece of ID twice (i.e. a Driving License cannot be used to confirm likeness and Address).

Each individual over 16 will need to bring their own ID in. The practice cannot accept ID on behalf of someone else. This is to make sure that the account that the practice is processing for detailed coded record access is for the person who has presented with the ID.

As per NHS England’s guidance on Online Access, this is a mandatory requirement regardless as of whether you were registered for any other Online Services with Hedge End Medical Centre or if you have recently registered as a patient.

The request is then processed by a member of the administration team in partnership with your Named GP. The Named GP will have the final say on whether it is appropriate to allow access to the coded details of your medical record. Please note that this decision is determined by your Named GP and not the administration team.

If your Named GP has agreed that you can have access to your medical record then this will be granted and then the next time you log into Patient Access you will be able to see the coded details of your medical record.

If your request has been declined, you will receive a letter informing you why this is.

Please allow up to 28 working days to process your request.

Q: What if the Patient Access web page does not load up?

A: There are a few reasons the website may not be loading on your device:

  • Heavy website traffic. Patient Access is used by many surgeries across the country. On rare occasions, the website may slow down or crash when a large number of people are trying to access it. Try logging in again after an hour or perhaps the next day.
  • Your web browser. The web browser you are using (Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.) may be configured in a way that is incompatible with Patient Access. Try using a different web browser, or if you are using a mobile device, perhaps try using the Patient Access App instead of going through a web browser.
  • Your device. If you have tried all of the above, try using a different device or updating the software on the one you are currently using. If your computer/phone/tablet is more than a few years old or the software is not regularly updated, it may be incompatible with Patient Access.

Q: How do I delete my Patient Access account?

A: Contact the practice. We can close the account for you.

Q: What if I notice a problem with the Patient Access website?

A: The practice does not control the Patient Access website or any other Online Services website. This is maintained and run by EMIS Health. If you are having a problem with the website or would like to request a change / additional feature added to the site, you will need to contact the Patient Access team directly. This can be done via the EMIS Patient Access Help section.

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